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First-RoundGrade.com was founded by its Director of College Scouting, Bryan J. Perez.  Bryan has been scouting college football prospects for the better part of the last twenty years, and his ability to identify NFL talent has gained respect from NFL talent evaluators. Bryan recently served as the Director of Player Scouting for a boutique agency that represents aspiring professional football players.  Through Bryan’s scouting and player analysis, NFL prospects were identified time and time again.  On one occasion, Bryan Perez was taken to breakfast by a highly respected NFC team’s scouting department in an effort to discuss how he identified and scouted the agency’s client.  The player was later signed to a contract by that very team.  In one of his most recent accomplishments, Bryan was able to project a player as NFL-caliber simply by watching copies of his practice film.  A few weeks after reviewing that tape, the player was signed by an NFC franchise.

Bryan’s experience has brought him to countless college football pro days, private workouts, and the annual NFL Scouting Combine.  He has personally discussed player traits, attributes, and what teams look for in a prospect with numerous NFL scouts and personnel executives.

Bryan has decided to take his passion for scouting and the NFL Draft to the next level.  First-RoundGrade.com has been developed with the intent to be as close to a college scouting department as possible.  There will be a fantasy football page, too, so that the fantasy fanatics can have their fix of fantasy talk.

Bryan Perez is a proud member of the Football Writers Association of America.

If you have a question or comment for Bryan or the rest of the team at First-RoundGrade.com, please navigate to the Contact Us page.  We’d love to hear from you.

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