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Luke Joeckel, OT, Tex A&M  6’6, 310lbs

Luke Joeckel Analysis

Filed By: Bryan Perez, Director of College Scouting,


  • Prototype left tackle measureables.  Well-built, solid frame; not a sloppy 300 pounder.  Potential to get bigger w/o sacrificing athleticism.
  • Great feet for the position.  Quick initial kick-step, slides and shuffles feet well while displaying good range to the corner.
  • Plays with natural knee bend and sits in stance well.  Is consistently one of the first linemen moving at the snap of the ball.
  • Rarely will be beaten to the edge by  speed rush.  Has athletic ability required to block the blindside in the NFL.
  • Displays plus technique in all aspects of his game.  Maintains natural bend, straight back, and uncoils punch in pass protection.  Delivers solid jolt with initial punch.
  • Plus run blocker in space.  Would be ideal fit for ZBS.  Has requisite athleticism to get to second level and complete assignment.
  • Started 39 games at left tackle.


  • Strength concerns.  Consistently pushed and bent backward by bull rush.
  • Can be a groundhog at times.  Ends up on the ground more than you’d like.
  • Relies on chop block.  Unlikely to transition to NFL.  Covers up strength warts.
  • Played with very mobile QB that kept defenders on their heels.


Luke Joeckel is widely-regarded as the top player available in the 2013 NFL Draft by major media outlets and recognizable Draft personalities.  And while FRG views Joeckel as one of the better prospects available, he doesn’t quite make the grade as our #1 overall prospect.

Joeckel has been one of the most highly sought after offensive linemen since his playing days at Arlington High School (Arlington, TX) when he received a 4-Star grade from  He was considered the 5th best offensive tackle prospect in the Country (2010) and received scholarship offers from several major college  football programs, including Alabama.  Joeckel committed to Texas A&M and made an immediate contribution to the program.  He started all 13 games at left tackle during his freshman year, and  achieved Honorable Mention All-Big 12.  In 2011, Joeckel was named First Team All-Big 12 after again starting all 13 games at left tackle.  This past season, Joeckel  notched another 13 starts at left tackle while blocking for the eventual Heisman Trophy winner, Johnny Manziel.  Joeckel ended his 2012 season as a consensus All-American selection.  He has a total of 39 career starts at the position.

Luke Joeckel is a plus athlete who showcases great feet for the position.  Joeckel’s initial kick-step is quick and efficient, allowing him to slide and shuffle with very little effort.  He is consistently able to set the edge vs. speed rushers, and rarely will he be beat to the corner.  Joeckel displays good flexibility and natural bend while sitting in his stance, and uncoils a strong initial punch that can create a jolt on contact.   Vs. the run, Joeckel projects as an ideal fit for ZBS, as he presents with plus athleticism to finish a block in space.  He gets to the second level with ease and is consistent with his angles and technique.

While Joeckel is the ultimate tactician, FRG has serious concerns about his overall strength as he transitions to the NFL.  He is constantly pushed and bent backward when defending against a strong bull rush, and relies too much on chopping the defender for an impact block (scheme variable).  Another concern with Joeckel’s film is the amount of time he spends on the ground.  Whether a result of scheme or just a lack of balance, Joeckel is picking himself up off the ground far too often.  It’s also worth noting that some of Joeckel’s warts were covered up as a result of him blocking for a mobile QB.

There’s no denying Luke Joeckel’s natural athleticism, flexibility, and overall frame for the position.  His 39 career starts have groomed him for the left side of an NFL offensive line, and he will be selected early in the 2013 Draft.  However, he is not a perfect prospect and will have a difficult time living up to his Draft expectations if he fails to get stronger.

GRADE:  8.5


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Scouting the OTs:  Luke Joeckel, OT, Tex A&M


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presumably if he is relying on cut blocks, he will end up on the ground a lot, right? I assume you mean as a result of overextending, missing or being pancaked which would be a bigger concern?