Browns WR Josh Gordon to potentially avoid year-long ban due to a technicality?

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars 12-1-2013

Dynamic Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Josh Gordon has been in the news quite a bit this summer. In the off-season, that is rarely a good thing. After repeat slip-ups violating the NFL’s drug policy, Gordon has been rumored to be sentenced to a year-long ban from the gridiron.

Today though, word has leaked (via Chris Mortenson on NFL Live) that there may have been an elusive discovery uncovered that “some around the league” think a technicality could get Gordon on the field this season after all.

Information right now is scarce, as this potentially saucy bit of news is all Mortensen provided, but this would be an unexpected escape clause that could have strong ramifications on and off the field. It will be interesting to hear of the fullness and validity of this report.

Gordon, (who’s currently in training camp with the Browns) is appealing the one-year suspension. It was recently reported that Gordon had a two-week stay in rehab following his latest DWI blunder earlier this month in an effort to begin repairing his life (and public image.)

This tidbit of news obviously would be a major win in the short run for both the Browns and for Gordon. Getting him back on the field, a Wide Receiver who had  87 catches for 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns last season would be a gigantic boost for the squad and directly to (likely) starting Quarterback Brian Hoyer.

It’s a tough situation to judge immediately, as only a blip of info has been revealed so far. If this rumored technicality becomes fact then the immediate state of things would be dramatically improved for the Browns, but would the long-term be compromised for Josh Gordon? Forget the player for a second, Gordon as a human clearly needs help battling these demons he’s tormented by, and a “cheat code” to reward him with an instantaneously positive resolution could fail to deliver a much-needed message through punishment. Devil’s advocate to this argument would be to say that a year off would give Gordon lots of extra time on his hands, time that may lure him to the “dark side” again. We don’t know for sure what will make things “click” for Josh, but hopefully whichever path unfolds at the outcome of this is the right one for him.

We’ll see how things play out as more information reveals itself, but as of now it seems that for better or for worse, we may be seeing that brown and orange number twelve on the field much sooner than anticipated.

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3 comments for “Browns WR Josh Gordon to potentially avoid year-long ban due to a technicality?

  1. MichaelKnight1
    September 5, 2014 at 9:19 am

    @Ken that didn’t happen gordon’s season is over if he fails one more drug test he’s going to be looking at a lifetime ban next

  2. Ken
    July 29, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    There s been a lot of talk since the incident and comments from guys like little that lead some to believe josh did not in fact fail another test. The penalty is for 2 fails, OR 2 missed tests OR a combo of one n one. A lot of spec is stating he simply missed a test due to no direct fault of his own. In addition there have been multiple reports stating Gordon n his reps have been attempting to get the league and players association (which rumor told is the one holding things up as they don’t want this to become a precedent) to accept a hair test that would show any transgressions from well past the date of the incident. Who knows… Well we ll find out shortly I guess.

    • July 29, 2014 at 2:14 pm

      Very interesting stuff. This whole situation has been murky and mysterious, from the “sourced” rumors, to no official reports and now this possible technicality. Hopefully some resolution soon.

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