Josh Liskiewitz

joshJosh Liskiewitz is a seasoned and well-respected talent evaluator within the NFL Draft community.  He currently holds the position of College Scout with GM Jr. and is best known for his elite contributions to Russ Lande’s annual NFL Draft Guide.

Josh will periodically contribute his thoughts to FRG Scouting, mostly on the current crop of NFL rookies (a healthy discussion on how the draft analysis ultimately plays out in the prospect’s first year as a pro.).  You can find all of his work on this page, as we will keep a running list (links).

In the meantime, be sure to follow Josh on twitter.

Make sure you check out Josh and the GM Jr. crew on their weekly PODCAST.

Josh’s featured work on FRG Scouting: 

08/01/2013:  Spreading the Disease

08/08/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Hall of Fame Game

Preseason Week 1 Analysis:

08/09/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Ravens vs. Buccaneers

08/10/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Jets vs. Lions

08/10/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Cardinals vs. Packers

08/11/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Giants vs. Steelers

08/11/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Rams vs. Browns

08/12/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Bills vs. Colts

08/12/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Cowboys vs. Raiders

08/12/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Titans vs. Redskins

08/12/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Broncos vs. 49ers

08/12/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Patriots vs. Eagles

08/13/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Bears vs. Panthers

08/14/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Jaguars vs. Dolphins

08/15/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Vikings vs. Texans

08/15/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting:  Bengals vs. Falcons

08/28/2013:  NFL Preseason Scouting: Week 3′s Rookie Stock Report




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