How to Create a Realistic 2-month GRE Schedule?

So, you are planning to appear for the GRE and have two months left for the preparation. Have you decided on how to go about the preparation in two months? Well, worry not. GRE preparation could seem overwhelming, especially if you are giving it for the first time. From getting acquainted with the syllabus to being familiar with the question types and exam patterns, there is a lot to learn and do. However, you can manage to prepare for GRE in two months, provided you plan and divide it well. Only a great strategy can help you do this. To begin with, we’ve explained some tips that will help you create a realistic GRE study schedule for two months in this article. Read on.

5 Strategies to Create a Realistic GRE Study Plan

While you start preparing for competitive exams like GRE, you might wonder if whatever time you have left for the exam is enough for the preparation. There’s no exact answer for how much time is required to prepare for the GRE. That varies from a person to person. Whether you have three months or two months before the exam, a good strategy can help you plan well and score great in the exam. Hence, before starting your preparation, consider the following factors and develop a study schedule based on that.

  1. Where you stand – Before creating a study plan, it is always good to check where you stand in terms of your knowledge. The best way to find this out is by taking a practice test. It doesn’t matter if you are prepared or not. Take the mock test and assess your performance. Take this first test score as a means to understand where you need more practice and how much time you should devote to each of the sections.
  2. Note down your other commitments – A good study schedule has to be realistic. It should clearly state the number of hours you can dedicate to the preparation. Hence, decide your study time by considering other commitments you have. For eg., if you are a working professional, don’t stuff the studies in between your work. Instead, try using the breaks and after office hours for studying. 
  3. Gather the resources – Only the best study resources can yield you the best results. Hence, before you start the preparation, gather the study materials. The ETS official website provides several test prep materials for the aspirants. We suggest you use them as they are from the test-makers themself. Apart from the official website, a lot of online websites and coaching centers provide study materials to help you with the preparation. However, make sure you choose only credible sources for learning.
  4. Develop your study plan – Once you find out and note down all the above information, start developing a plan based on that. Create a strong GRE study plan that acknowledges the constraints of your day-to-day schedule. Be systematic about what to study, when and about the material you are going to cover each time you study. Remember as you progress with your preparation, your plan might change. For example, if you start doing well in a specific section, you might have to shift your focus to other areas that need practice. Keep that in mind while preparing a plan.

Now you know the strategies that will help you create a 2-month study plan for GRE. Keep the above points in mind and apply them while developing a plan. No matter how long you take to prepare, the key is to learn effectively. Good luck.

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