How to discuss sensitive topics in mentor meeting

Trust is one of the most significant aspects of every mentoring relationship. The relationship mentor and mentee share must be confidential and kept secret as they are not supposed to share each other’s personal life with any third party.

But sometimes, a few sensitive topics need to be discussed to find an optimum solution to circumstances encountered. But it would aid if you were sure about when to disclose and whom to choose to share your things that are a bit sensitive information.

Let us look at a few points individuals can use to tackle the participants’ worries and help them have an excellent mentoring session.

Overthinking and Assuming

  • As these two terms are quite contrary, you must understand the importance of both words to get the best for yourself.
  • Overthinking is something that every individual is a victim of. You need to be very cautious and don’t let yourself sink into thoughts.
  • Be active and stay alert about your every move. Think rationally and make the step, don’t hesitate much.
  • If you want to ask something, take the permission and ask, don’t assume much about whether your partner will barge on you.
  • You need to have a strong relationship with your mentor or mentee; thus, you need to make efforts and try to approach them to make everything transparent.
  • Think before speaking and respect if they are unwilling to respond to any questions asked.
  • Try to make the conversation simple and less complicated by exaggerating sentences.
  • Start with having an introductory conversation and then build your direction towards the sensitive topics you want to discuss with your partner.

Teach Yourself First

  • Remember that you are working with your partner; like in every relationship, both partners need to understand each other.
  • Before questioning others, you need to learn and educate yourself first. You must have the manner to speak correctly and don’t use derogatory sentences while discussing any sensitive topics with your teammates.
  • Have patience, wait for your partner to have the discussion, and don’t just press on your questions. Prepare yourself and do some background research about the topics and your partner’s comfort level with specific subjects.
  • Respect everyone, and don’t present statements and arguments you are unaware of.
  • First, make yourself ready for the discussion, and then finally, approach your mentor or mentee.

Choose Your Mentoring Topics Wisely

  • There are various issues that your mentor or mentee can deal with; thus, choose the topic of discussion wisely.
  • Start slow and then grasp gently, understand, and go with the flow of the conversation.
  • Bring the sensitive issues gradually, and do not rush, or you can be hurting your partner in doing so.
  • Make sure you are well rehearsed with the directions to be followed during discussions.
  • Take time, research, and collect as much information as possible to know where to start and end the meeting.
  • The sensitive topics include culture, race, religion, age, gender, sexuality, abnormality, psychological aspects, disability, etcetera.
  • Respect the diversity and introduce the cases to the participants accessing their permission. Your issues can be sensitive, but you can work through them efficiently without upsetting them.

Be a Good listener

  • You know that mentoring business is a place that asks for accurate responses to make the sessions successful between the mentor and mentee.
  • You must be an excellent listener to comprehend what your partner is trying to express. It can be only possible when you have the capability of listening to what others are saying.
  • You always learn and grow whenever you listen to others. Many options will broaden your perspective.
  • Ask your questions and make remarks after completely listening to your partner.

Never Forget that Agreement is not the Objective.

  • Remember that while discussing sensitive topics, you might come to a point where your perspective does not align with your partner’s.
  • It would aid if you did not exert your phenomenon and ideals on them.
  • Make the conversation easy, and try to be open and frank in any discussion.
  • There are chances that both the parties have their own arguments, do not force anything on your partner as it will hamper the mentorship.
  • Both the participants are knowledgeable and learned.
  • Thus, exercising your views on others can be seen as a negative point and may ruin the trust between the partners.
  • Making your partner accept your ideas will not prove any good to any of you, so try to be logical and positive about each other’s opinions.

These are some simple solutions that you can follow while having a sensitive discussion with your mentor or mentee. You can easily approach sensitive topics to your partner and take permission to have a conversation. You will find that your partner is willing or not to take the case for discussion. If it hurts someone’s sentiment, they will avoid it, and you can quickly move to another subject.

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