Things to Look for in Online Active Shooter Response Courses

No matter what kind of self-defense technique you want to learn or are learning; training is inevitable. Well, martial arts help us develop skills mostly for hand-to-hand combat, while online active shooter courses help us learn survival techniques to stay alive and escape the danger zone when an active shooter event takes place.

Training is vital to develop the necessary skills to survive gunfire. So, choosing the right institution or teacher is vital; otherwise, you will end up wasting your money and learning nothing. Therefore, this write-up will introduce you to some crucial things that you should look for in online active shooter response training courses. Let’s get started.


This is one of the most important factors to consider; make sure the institution you are choosing to take online active shooter training should not charge you unreasonable fees. If you are not sure whether the charges are reasonable or not, you can ask other training centers and compare their prices. Keep in mind that choosing a cheaper option might be futile; so, compare the charges along with the quality of the services.


Once you are sure about the fees, the next step is to check for the institution’s experience. Keep in mind that only an expert can train you in the right way. If you are getting training from an amateur, you may not develop the right skills. So, ensure that they are experienced. You can talk to the trainers about it if you want.


Checking for the reviews is one of the most important factors of consideration. Almost every client shares his or her experience after taking the products or services of a particular brand. The same applies to active shooter training schools. If you find negative reviews about a school, you should do away with it, but if you find that the reviews of an active shooter training school are up to the mark, you may consider hiring it.


You can even contact a few people who have taken online active shooter training from the school that you are considering to choose for your active shooter training and ask them if they recommend you to take active shooter training from there. If the majority of people say you to join the school, it’s a green flag. But if you get a negative response, it’s a big red flag. So, don’t hesitate to make the right decision and find a better alternative. If you know a friend who has already taken active shooter training, you can also ask him if he wants to recommend an active shooter training school.

You should take into consideration the above-mentioned factors before choosing a school for online active shooter response training. Nonetheless, if you want to get top-notch active shooter response training at the most reasonable charges, you should join Defender School. It will provide you with the best possible active shooter response training and prepare you to deal with any gunfire situation effectively.

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