Understand CBSE VS SSC Before You Regret.

Should you permit your kid to follow the SSC curriculum or the CBSE curriculum?

The curriculum is among the most difficult elements we take into account when choosing a school. We can only focus our search after we make a decision about which one to select. So, if you’re unsure whether to choose CBSE or SSC, you must keep reading. Click here to read more.

Each state has its own State Board or SSC.

The Union Government of India oversees a central body called the Central Board of Secondary Education, or CBSE.

Salient features of the SSC board

Each state has its own State Board or SSC.

  1. The focus is on tests, and the institution helps pupils study for board exams.
  2. Telugu or English may be used as the communication medium.
  3. It is asserted that the State Curriculum is simpler than the CBSE.
  4. Although athletics and extracurricular programs are included in the curriculum, they have not bestowed the same significance as other subjects.
  5. If kids enroll in intermediary institutions, they can discover that the curriculum corresponds to what they learned in school.

Salient features of the CBSE board

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum is student-based, including engaging textbooks. The way the books are written, they speak to youngsters.

  1. The adaptable and child-centric CBSE board. The whole curriculum is geared toward enjoyable learning outcomes.
  2. The emphasis of CBSE is on interaction and English. At CBSE schools, English is virtually usually the language of instruction.
  3. Students may discover that CBSE is a little more difficult than SSC as no two exams will include exactly the same questions.
  4. By giving kids the groundwork, CBSE creates a strong basis for the future.
  5. Entrance to reputable universities throughout the world is simply because of the widespread acceptance of the CBSE in India and elsewhere.
  6. The CBSE course of study is comprehensive. It promotes sports and physical activity. In actuality, most schools accord all elements of improving is given importance.


In our perspective, CBSE comfortably wins the race, but we also think this is a question of preference. We completely appreciate that you might prefer your youngster to concentrate only on his or her schoolwork throughout the formative years of development. SSC will, obviously, be a fantastic option in this situation. CBSE is the method to go if, among other things, overall development is your top objective.

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