Why is STEM Learning is Important in early childhood education?

STEM is referred to as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Due to the rise in technology, the focus on STEM in early childhood has increased rapidly to form students into problem solvers, explorers, and creative thinkers and make them prepare for their future careers. Research shows that STEM subjects are benefiting the students because this subject education plays an important role in future learning.

STEM activities not only help in improving maths and science skills but also provide opportunities to develop their communication skills.

STEM education provides a safe learning environment that allows them to fall and try again. This helps students to embrace their mistakes and accept their failures as a part of the learning process. This allows the student that failure is part of the process that leads to success and this will form confidence and resilience in the students.

Here is why STEM learning is important for childhood education.

Foster an interest early:

By starting STEM education at an early age, students are more likely to capture their interest than normal schooling. If you want to join your student in STEM education then it’s better to make it at an early stage because after high school it will be very late to prepare student mind in the way STEM wants. Research shows that students lose their interest in science by the fourth grade. Nearly half of them have lost their interest or deemed it irrelevant to their education by the eighth grade. That’s why high school is too late to begin STEM education.

Prepare them for the future:

If you form an interest in STEM education at an early age, this could help the students to obtain financial security in future life. A report says the 93 percent of STEM camp Kitchener occupations have high wages than the average salary.

The demand for these positions is in huge growth and will increase rapidly in the coming years. If you create a solid foundation for students at an early age, the students will able to pursue careers that are both intellectually and financially rewarding.

Obtain early role models:

The teachers of preschools are the earliest role model for any child. If the educator is excited about teaching science and maths then this the best opportunity to set an example in front of the class. When kids see that that the teacher they admire is excited about teaching the subjects, they will become more curious about it on their own.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever,” said Mahatma Gandhi.

STEM camp Waterloo foundation is one of the same systems that provide education at an early age. It explores academics in unique ways that are less structured and formal than what they find in a school environment.

Started in 2013, with 80 are of location all across Canada. The foundation is also trying to reach worldwide and mainly focusing on the London setup.

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