6 Reasons why ICSE board is a better choice for your kids

Our kids are our future. Providing them with the best education is our prime concern. When the time comes to choose the right board to provide education to our kids, we often fell into a dilemma that which board to choose. Choosing the right board and right educational institution is quite tough and often presents the setting of our kid’s journey for the future. Hence, it is much more important to choose the right school which follows that syllabus that ensures their futuristic development. It is here we can say that ICSE is that board that designs its syllabus in such a way that ensures your kid’s educational and intellectual development. And such things one could know by analyzing the icse class 9 syllabus.

But the question is why one must choose the ICSE board for his kids? why not any other board? Why does the icse class 9 syllabus be important? To get all such information, let’s go through the given point below:

  1. Globally recognized one: the ICSE syllabus is nationally as well as globally recognized. If you are having a transferable job and you need to ensure better education for your child simultaneously, you are often required to seek the educational board which is nationally as well as globally recognized. If you go through the icse class 9 syllabus, you will find that all subjects, as well as the topics, are globally recognized. Hence, even if you are having a transferable job, your child won’t feel any problem regarding accepting an education from the other institution.
  2. Balanced syllabus: the icse class 9 syllabus is well managed and the contents are often focused to pay a better understanding and the in-depth understanding of its candidates. Unlike the other boards, the icse class 9 syllabus not only focuses on the complex subject’s math and science but also focuses on other subjects like humanities, arts, etc. Thus, it ensures the overall development.
  3. Assessments: If you go through the icse class 9 syllabus, you will observe that under almost every subject, assessments and projects are provided. It is believed that the assessments often help the students to prepare for their upcoming examinations and also acquire an in-depth understanding of the topic.
  4. Strong foundation: The icse board often focuses on building a strong educational foundation among the students. it often provides and suggested books which are having quality content that ensures building the interest among the students to know more and hence ensure the futuristic development.
  5. Practical engagements: the icse class 9 syllabus also suggested the books, which often contain the practical work and hence help the students to prepare for the future exams, whether it is a school exam, board exams, admission exams, or competitive exams. 
  6. Future potentiality: The icse syllabus is maintained in such a way that it often helps the students to meet the demand of the curious mind with a given modified teaching methodology. And thus, it often ensures your kids pursue a higher study abroad and hence flourish with a better carrier in near future.

The icse class 9 syllabus also helps the students in developing their hold in language subjects. So that they could easily edge over the exams like IELTS and TOELF. 

To know more about the advantages of studying under icse board, follow the links given below:



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