Coping With Your Mental Health While Away At College

Exams. The horizon can be seen. The obnoxious roommate Credit card debt is a significant problem. It’s not the first time you’ve lived at home. These and a variety of other concerns can cause stress in college students, making their lives miserable and ultimately to academic failure.

It occurs significantly more frequently than you may believe.

Managing the College Stress Epidemic offers a vivid picture of stress at the college/university level, including an overview of symptoms, triggers, and treatment options, in the infographic below. It is a must-read for incoming freshmen, college students, and parents.

The majority of schools and universities are aware of the high frequency of stress among students and provide a variety of prevention and treatment options, such as counseling, courses, and therapy programs.

Students can lessen stress by performing simple things in addition to seeking help from the university. For example, getting enough sleep may help lower stress, but many college students simply do not have the time to do so. Sleep, exercise, and a nutritious diet not only relieve stress, but they also improve physical health, which can mean the difference between academic achievement and failure.

Another compelling reason to promote excellent coping skills is that children frequently participate in poor coping practices, which exacerbate the stress. It only gets worse. Students may hurt themselves in an attempt to relieve stress through excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, or risky sexual relationships, to name a few.

Continue reading to learn how to live a happy, healthy, and stress-free life.

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