Finding the Best Online Chinese Tutor: Questions to Ask

You can learn Chinese more quickly and easily by working with a qualified and experienced online Chinese tutor Singapore. Many native Chinese speakers lack the specialised knowledge needed to teach the language. If the platform is online, then more advanced abilities are required because there aren’t any frequent face-to-face interactions with the learners.

A rise in the number of those claiming to be qualified teachers coincides with the rise in the number of people wishing to learn Chinese. Finding an excellent Chinese tutor online who is worth your time and money is now the biggest issue for students.

Take time to respond to the following questions before searching for an online Chinese tutor:

  1. What is your aim?

We are aware that you have specific objectives in mind while seeking an online Chinese tutor for your child or for yourself. Your teacher can better grasp your unique Chinese learning objectives if you respond to the following questions:

  • What level of Chinese proficiency do you possess? Do you intend to advance to the following level?
  • Do you want to learn Chinese for conversational purposes, to prepare for a test, or for business purposes?
  • Are there any particular subjects or teachings you want to prioritise?
  • Do you have any particular books or materials in mind?
  • What topics do you enjoy talking about? Which ones are the least enjoyable for you? 

It is crucial that your instructor thoroughly knows and understands what your objectives are so that they can design a lesson plan just for you.

  1. What kind of budget are you working with?

You can get online secondary Chinese tuition lessons for free, but if you want personalised one-on-one instruction, you truly need to pay for it. Depending on the subject and length of the course, the price may change. For an hour, you should budget anywhere from $12 and $50 on average.

  1. Can you fit in time to attend classes?

Be prepared to invest your time if you want to study Chinese. If you are continuously busy and know that you will have problems finding time to attend class, you should consider twice before looking for a tutor.

You’ll probably spend between 30 and 60 minutes on each class. If you postpone or cancel, you can still be required to pay.

  1. Is your internet connection steady?

Since all classes are conducted online, you must have a reliable internet connection that can support apps like Skype or Zoom since they are frequently used in online classes.

  1. What kind of instruction best helps you learn?

Due to the fact that every student learns differently, it is hard for teachers to tailor their classroom courses to each student’s preferred learning style. 

But if you are a strong auditory learner (learns best by listening), a visual learner (learns best through seeing), or a kinesthetic learner, the correct private tutor can modify classes to fit his or her needs (learns best through experience). Find out if the instructor can design lessons in a way that suits your chosen learning style before you hire him or her.



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