How To Score Your PSLE Oral Exam

The Chinese PSLE Oral Exam accounts for 25% of your total Chinese subject. It has two components: the reading aloud section is worth 20 points, and the video chat section is worth 30 points. Students would be given a passage and a video to prepare for, with 10 minutes to do so.

After entering the examination room, students will review the chapter and watch the video. You will then be given three questions about the video you just watched.

You may be given one or two additional leading questions during the test, depending on how detailed your answers are. The oral is supposed to be participatory, so don’t see this as a sign that you’re losing marks. You should get a better grade if you are enjoying yourself. 

Overall, we want to give some helpful hints in this post to assist you in preparing for the oral test.

1. Be Clear and Loud

While it is critical to accurately enunciate each word, reading in groups of words rather than one word at a time helps to demonstrate to the examiner that you have the pronunciation aspect down right. It also exhibits your command of the Chinese language.

Consider it like a conversation with your favourite Chinese stall auntie. Do not be scared to talk louder than usual since doing so demonstrates to the examiner that you are confident in what you are saying. Even if you are unsure of some terms, speak clearly and at a steady speed throughout the reading process. Remember to use the appropriate tone and pitch to portray emotions. The goal here is to avoid seeming repetitive.

2. Acquaint yourself with simple phrases and idioms.

Look up phrases and idioms that may be utilised on various themes to display your vocabulary. A fast Google search will reveal the most flexible Chinese phrases and idioms commonly used in compos and essays, as well as in conversations.

When used appropriately, these statements amaze examiners and can help you swiftly obtain a few more points.

3. Be opinionated and expressive

You should express yourself simply and precisely. Examiners want to hear your thoughts and converse with you. Keep eye contact with the examiner when speaking since students often communicate with the paper. 

You may always ask your parents to assist you with oral test preparation by asking you random questions about your day. Remember to respond in Chinese and see how your parents react. If they ask you additional questions, it might be a good indicator that they want to learn more. The best method to impress the examiner in an oral test is to respond appropriately. This does not imply that you should drone on and on while answering a question, but rather that you should respond to the question directly.

You might also consider enrolling your child in a nearby tuition centre if you want to go the additional mile. Having a Chinese tutor may be exactly what your child requires to improve their grades.

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