Local marketing vault – What do you need to know before signing up?

Local Marketing Vault promises a done-for-you solution to handle all the complex digital marketing efforts for local business owners. Before committing to the program, local entrepreneurs naturally have some key questions. Here is a closer look at Local Marketing Vault and what business owners need to evaluate beforehand. Local Marketing Vault provides a range of done-for-you marketing services for local businesses including:

  • Professionally designed website
  • Search engine optimization 
  • Social media management
  • Online review handling
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Email and direct mail campaigns

For a monthly fee, the Local Marketing Vault team executes all these tactics to drive more traffic, generate leads, and boost sales for your business. They focus on the digital activities local owners often struggle with due to lack of expertise or time.

Intended benefits

By outsourcing core marketing functions, the aim is to provide several key benefits:

  • Increased visibility – More customers discover you through SEO, paid ads, and review platforms.
  • Website traffic – Marketing brings more qualified visitors to your site.
  • Lead nurturing – Chatbots and email convert visitors into sales.  
  • Customer retention – Special offers encourage repeat business.
  • Performance tracking – Dashboards show marketing ROI.

Together this expands your digital presence and marketing muscle without becoming an expert yourself.

Ideal customer profiles

A closer look at Local Marketing Vault works best for smaller service-based businesses that need more leads, but lack robust digital marketing skills in-house. This includes restaurants, retailers, attorneys, doctors, and salons. Larger enterprises may benefit but need custom enterprise pricing. The program also does not cover branding, creative content, or offline media – the focus is purely digital. So, very young businesses still establishing their core brand and products likely need more custom guidance. For the thousands of established yet basic small businesses, Local Marketing Vault offers a scalable solution.

Expectations on results 

Local Marketing Vault touts big results like “470% ROI” for clients. However, marketing performance always varies greatly by industry, location, and competition. Looking at client examples, service firms like attorneys and hair salons saw large lead and revenue jumps. But, businesses in crowded industries like restaurants saw more modest gains. So, set realistic expectations tied to your specific business situation rather than headline promises. Smaller firms with minimal pre-existing digital marketing see the largest leaps.

Required commitment

To see benefits, business owners must be willing to hand over website access and branding decisions to Local Marketing Vault’s team. Rather than direct control, you empower their experts to make optimization decisions. There is also a 1-year minimum contract. So, while you cancel anytime after 12 months, be prepared to commit for at least that period. For those used to DIY marketing, this loss of control takes adjustment. But many owners discover the leads justify handing off execution.

While not a perfect solution for every business, Local Marketing Vault simplifies digital marketing for local enterprises ready to outsource the legwork. For service firms struggling amid online competition, the done-for-you model stimulates growth. Just set proper expectations based on your unique situation. And leverage available risk-free trials to initially test the service before long-term commitment. If ready to focus your energy on delighting customers rather than digital marketing intricacies, Local Marketing Vault provides an intriguing hands-off option for lead generation.

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