Tips to effectively plan your icse class 8 syllabus  


Studying is a comprehensive process of proper planning, learning, understanding and then passing out the exams. Even if you are missing in any one of the steps, it deeply impacts your end results. Ultimately, your career is under stake and that is why you have to be very careful when preparing for your ICSE syllabus class 8 maths for your exams. We understand you would be requiring the tips to do it precisely and effectively. So here are some tricks that would be really helpful to you.

  1. Prepare a timetable first – Organisation is the key to proper planning of studying your syllabus for any class. Even if we consider the ICSE syllabus class 8 maths or any other subject, you need to divide the chapters and subjects according to the time available with you for studying and then start with the learning and practising process. This will not only help you manage your time properly, but you will also be able to divide your attention on all the concepts and understand them better.
  2. Weigh your possibilities – Some of the chapters of your syllabus would be easy to learn while others would be slightly difficult. It is important that you weigh your possibilities and understand which of these require your attention more and accordingly, you should pay more attention to the subjects that you are weak in and directly practise and appear for mock tests in which you excel.
  3. Don’t forget the sums and problems – While you are busy mugging up and learning the long answers of subjects like history, geography and science, you should not forget that some of the subjects like the ones in ICSE syllabus class 8 maths require a lot of practise and solving the problems as well. Even physics is a subject that needs to be practised a lot because of the sums, formulas and problems in the syllabus. If you want to ensure that you are perfectly planning for your examinations, dedicate a lot of time to do these sums and problems.
  4. Take some help from a good learning app – ICSE is tough and we understand you can’t study and prepare for these examinations for level 8 on your own.  So, we suggest you take some help from a good learning educational app. There are lots of apps available online. Do check if that application provides you a good explanation of the concepts, has ready made solutions to your problems and even mock tests which you can attempt to practise for your test properly.
  5. Don’t underestimate the power of video lectures – While you are effectively planning to pass out your examinations with flying colours, don’t forget that there are some concepts and chapters which will be better explained if you watch their videos online. Yes, some of the videos on educational applications and YouTube are worth watching to understand the concepts better and they save a lot of time in your struggle to grasp that chapter easily. You can even refer to the recorded lectures of your teachers to get some help in picking the subjects better.



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