Understand The JEE Exam Pattern Before You Start Your Preparations


Even the most studious students find it hard to crack the JEE. There are a number of reasons why JEE becomes such a complicated exam. Firstly, the exam focuses on the application part of the theory you have been studying all these years. Our board exams just test the memory of the students and someone with a good memory could get full marks in subjects even if they do not have any understanding of the subjects. This is not the case with JEE. Only if you understand the subjects, it is possible to clear this exam. 

Secondly, the number of students that attend JEE is phenomenally high. Several lakhs of students give these exams for a mere few thousand seats. This makes the exams highly competitive. This is not an exam that you could clear with your memory power or with your luck. Only when you understand the subjects on which you are giving the exams it is possible to pass these exams. 

Thirdly, it is not just your performance that matters but how well or how poorly others perform will also determine whether or not you are going to get into IIT. The next time you are preparing for your JEE you need to keep all these factors in the backdrop so that you know what you are fighting against. 

Before you get started with any of your preparation for JEE, you should find the best institute for IIT JEE in Thane and enroll yourself. You should have a complete understanding of the entire exam pattern so that you know how to increase your chances of success with these exams. 

A lot of groundwork is required before you could start preparing for JEE. You will be able to schedule your timetable only when you know clearly what is the syllabus involved and the weightage of each subject and each chapter. You will be able to get an overall view or understanding of all these factors by checking the old question papers. If you are joining one of the best institutes for IIT JEE coaching in Kharghar or Thane you need not have to worry about these factors because your coaching institute will guide you through the preparation process. They will give you the schema of the entire examination pattern and also teach each subject in such a way that you are able to give your exams in a comfortable way. 

Ideally you should start the entire process by identifying the best coaching institutes in Thane or Kharghar. You should not blindly enroll in some random institution but read reviews and check the ratings of the institute before selecting. The history of the coaching institute will tell you whether a particular institute is a good fit or not. You should therefore get started with the screening process as early as possible so that you have enough time to screen your coaching centers and start following the guidelines for JEE preparations.


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